Address & Assess

Go beyond your products.

What if consumers could assess daily how their supplements are working?

Personalizing and digitalizing supplement use can deliver significant improvements in the consumer experience and numerous strategic benefits for your brand. It is a critical time to pivot from a product-centric approach to a consumer-centric and personalized focus.

Commit to your consumer’s goals. Now your brand has the opportunity to guide and accompany your consumers along the journey.

Our solutions tackle into 3 key areas:

Science and data

  • Clinically backed formulas
  • Base line
  • User data and context

Education and tips

  • Educational tips
  • Habit change
  • Challenges

Monitoring performance

  • Product use and adherence
  • Key performance indicators
  • Personalised interventions

Actilac Showcase

Monteloeder has designed a global health solution, called Actilac, to help consumers to control their weight and improve their health. Actilac is a dairy-based drink with Metabolaid that comes with a tracking App.



Functional yogurt formulated with our LifeStylePerformance Ingredient Metabolaid.
Here we present the main Address & Assess solution features, real outcomes and users testimonials.



With the Actilac App, you can track your weight and appetite level and easily incorporate new healthy habits that will help you achieve your goals

Adhence Rate

Adherence Rate

Percentage of users that completed the 3 months program.



85% of participants lost 5.7 kg on average after 3 months. 



Participants reported improved habits (increased water intake 108%, increased fruits/vegetable intake 103% and increased exercise time 54%)

Actilac Happy Users

Feedback after 3 months of treatment

Ana Belén Vázquez

“The app helps to be more constant and do not forget to take the product any day.”


Araceli Sánchez

“I noticed it especially during the first half of the day, I took it at breakfast and yes I noticed that until the afternoon I had less anxiety to eat, I did not miss the food, I did not need to eat between meals.”


Fernando Miranda Rodríguez

“The application is perfect and a great help”


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