Chinese nutraceutical industry background and future

Natural & green”, “holistic healthcare concept” and “evidence based healthcare studies” are the uprising elements in nutraceutical industry, which these elements are complimenting to the Chinese medicinal and health care philosophy. Talk about trend of “Natural & green” especially emphasizing high natural purity and unpolluted are the most discussed topics among all. Since China has join the WTO, Chinese medicinal & nutraceutical industry is one of the most bullish among all manufacturing industries because it enjoys the most advantages.Firstly, Chinese supplements are using up.

Firstly, Chinese supplements are using up high composition of natural plants extracts, which are safe to be used with proven effectiveness. Secondly, is the traditional Chinese medicinal and supplement have a long proven clinical trial since ancient days. Thirdly, these products have an enormous market acceptance mainly from Chinese (living in China), overseas Chinese (living abroad), and other Asian ethnics due to historical reason, which the products from western are lacking of it.

Chinese nutraceutical concepts are very much depend on cultural, historical, and philosophical influences. These elements have shaped up Chinese supplements are targeting more on “holistic basis” and “treatment based on recognition”. Meaning that, the functional of the supplements are not tackling purely on specific diseases and health defficiency symptoms but to focus on regulating the immunity balance of human body to trigger anti-disease factors that lead to health improvement or recovery. Nonetheless, western is backed by “cause & effect” as the main principle, every health deficiency must be caused by very specific reasons. This translates to, the same root cause will definitely lead to the same deficiency.

The approach of the Chinese nutraceutical concepts have their own strengths but the development can be even more comprehensive by integrating western botanical extracts and specially formulated branded ingredient into the TCM supplements. Technically the hybrid concept of formulating these two main sources of extracts could bring unexplored results that potentially can be achieved. Commercially, the market access could be even widened to the Western countries due to the familiarity of the western people with Mediterranean botanical extracts performance plus the Chinese nutraceutical concepts which are entirely fresh to most of the western people.

With the philosophies that are inline to the global trend, the future development of Chinese nutraceutical industry is bright but also facing challenges along the way. The effort of regulating entire nutraceutical industry in China to improve product safety and scientifically based studies so that they are even more well accepted not only Asian countries but the rest of the world.




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