Is there a market for botanical extracts for our babies – our pets?

Recently we have learned about the use of specialty ingredients in the pet industry. The same ingredients used and taken by the parents – us.

Recent articles have stated that sales of pet supplements are expected to increase from about $540 million dollars in 2014 to over $700 million dollars in 2019.

This all stems from how people perceive their pets and why they feel their pets need these products. In studies done years ago, it was noted that more than 80% of pet owners refer to their pets as “babies. More and more people whether millennials, retirees or any age category are seeking companion animals.

As the people age so do their pets and those pets when they become seniors experience similar health issues as their owners. Some of these are cardiovascular, skin, vision, cognitive and muscle and joint.

Many pet owners are now buying age related food and nutrition products. Many humans today view their pets as almost human family members. It has been thought that there are 2 factors driving the growth of the use of supplements in the pet industry. One is the fact that pets are living longer so they are developing more age related problems and the second is veterinary costs are rising sharply and people are seeking healthy alternative.

This is just like the human market in the supplement industry. As medical costs increase substantially – doctors, prescriptions, hospitals – locating alternative, less expensive prevention or treatment is increasing. The pet products manufacturers are looking for new and different delivery systems so we do not have to push a pill down a pets throat.

Methods such as chews (as humans are doing now also), gravies, toppers and other means to enhance the foods with nutrients. Monteloeder is placed in a position where we can offer our 3 branded ingredients and that they ARE beneficial to our pets for the same reasons they are beneficial to us humans.

Our product PLX for joint health, immune system, recovery after exercise and reducing muscle damage. Our Metabolaid for weight management of obese animals and dealing with the adverse effects of metabolic syndrome. Our NutroxSun for anti aging and for protection from the sun for short hair animals.

This market has the potential to be quite sizeable and we can tap into it at the beginning of a new and rising market. We are in discussions to work with a partner in the US who markets products to the animal industry and has the knowledge and contacts to take our products and introduce them to this market. It will be of interest to see what this potential holds and how our products can benefit the animals.

Bill Wallace

West Coast Sales Manager


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