Safety First: The importance of ensuring a good product of botanical extracts

After a process of identification of suppliers, an exhaustive selection of those that best adapt to the technical requirements demanded by the company, followed by a good price negotiation and the pleasure to believe to have discovered the suppliers certainly more adapted to the size of our company, it comes the moment of truth.

This is the moment to analyze that effectively the quality of the offered product corresponds with the standard levels of quality demanded by the company. This is only achieved with undertaking an exhaustive Plan Control consisting of the request, analysis and approval of three samples of three different batches of each of the products and suppliers to be approved in order to guarantee that the minimum parameters of required quality are matched or exceeded.

Furthermore, once the approved suppliers have been registered, the first purchase will be always made under a pre-shipment sample approval, requesting a significant sample volume of the product to carry out the analysis of the complete analytics subject to the Control Plan like microbiology, pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, benzopyrenes, etc.

This is the moment when we realize why certain prices coming from unknown providers are so cheap and on the contrary, some others are certainly more expensive even after carrying on a tough negotiation process showing that it has been impossible to reduce more the price, just because that product really worth its price.

Andres Jordan

Director of Operations