Worries on growing unidentified source of food supplement

If we access to famous social media platforms in Malaysia, namely Facebook and Wechat, there are flooded with advertisements about food supplements. Take a closer look these products are not been given very important information including ingredient list, manufacturer details, and registration with the ministry of health.

These food supplements are even being promoted with health claims for example: reduce blood pressure, guaranteed weight loss, improve diabetic conditions and etc. More surprisingly they are claiming that results can be observed within a period of time. Nonetheless, there are no proof of clinical studies and supporting data at all.

Why do these products are selling like hotcakes? First of all, very nice packaging with wonderful colors and innovative graphic design caught the eyes of consumers. Secondly, there are many testimonials shown about the effectiveness of the products. However, there are no traceability at all.

Thirdly, the ease of purchasing via online can always bypass the eyes of regulators, making it even viral is there are only very minimal enforcement available.

All these products causing a doubt, are there “Safe to be consumed”?  Therefore consumers must be wise to learn to read what are printed on the packaging and even taking initiatives to check with relevant bodies to ensure there are safe to use.

Lu Hee Siang

Regional Sales Manager | Malaysia – China – Thailand