Healthy Aging NOT Anti-Aging

Is the term Anti Aging not correct? Are we in a period of Healthy Aging? Initially, the baby boomers were the major target for the so-called Anti Aging products but now the younger adults, the millennials are more interested in long term benefits from products to ensure aging adults remain healthy and active.

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Skin Care from Within

While many countries around the world, especially Europe, have fully embraced the “beauty from within” concept for almost two decades it has taken the Americans a long time to fully embrace this idea  and now are beginning to accept this concept. It has always been thought that anything to do with skin care such as  reduction of wrinkles, skin elasticity, etc.. can only be treated by topical products. Today that thought is changing and ingestible skin care products are coming into vogue. The idea of nutrition for the “whole body” is a benefit that comes from the supplement industry. Not only is it a convenient way to get skin health and beauty support for the entire body but products that are natural and are considered multi purpose are what the consumer is looking for.

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