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Monteloeder carries a wide portfolio of botanical extracts. We are committed to quality at a competitive price.

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  • Apigenin

    Citrus paradisi

    Active compounds:

    Characteristics & uses:

  • Arctostaphylos uva-ursi leaves extract

    Arctostaphylos uva-ursi S.

    Active compounds:

    Characteristics & uses:

  • Artichoke leaf extract

    Cynara cardunculus var. Scolymus

    Active compounds:

    Characteristics & uses:
    Antioxidant and detoxifier
    Intestinal and liver protector
    Beneficial effects on the gallbladder
    Contributes to normal blood lipid levels

  • Buckbeam herb extract

    Menyanthes trifoliata L.

    Active compounds:

    Characteristics & uses:
    Use in cosmetic

  • California poppy extract

    Papaveraceae Eschscholzia californica Cham.

    Active compounds:
    Alkaloids (as californidine)


  • Cat’s Claw bark extract

    Uncaria tomentosa (Willd. ex Schult.) DC.

    Active compounds:
    Oxindolic Alkaloids

    Characteristics & uses:
    Inmune health: Support the natural defenses
    Powerful anti-inflammatory joint health

  • Chamomille flowers extract

    Matricaria chamomilla L.

    Active compounds:

    Characteristics & uses:
    Sedative, contributes to optimal relaxation
    Helps to support the digestion
    Anti-inflamatory and good anti-bacterial
  • Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex

    Citrus aurantium or Citrus sinensis

    Active compounds:

    Characteristics & uses:
    Improve blood vessel conditions and poor circulation